“Little Canvas of Thoughts: An Inquiry of the Human Mind” is a current research-creation initiative giving space to my current questions on the human mind and its singularity.


Remember is a first  attempt to seize the nature of a thought through an integration of textiles and ceramics. The artwork is part of a larger Series of ten to be created and is meant to explore in a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary way the process of human thought. Abstract by nature, the act of thinking can be challenging to apprehend. Giving meaning to our experience of the world remains an evolving work we must all address. To seize a thought is an elaborative task woven through language, dialogue, conversations and words, but also imagery. I will be addressing this topic integrating ceramic to fibre materials. More specifically, expressing through physicality the abstraction of thought, I aim towards creating an extension of the brain, revealing the inside of a thought process in an abstract manner. Colors, shapes, entanglements, knots, beading are aesthetically blended together to create a little canvas of thought.