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French Canadian-born in Montreal, Quebec sharing a blend of multicultural origins. Born in 1984. Transdisciplinary artist. Living between Val David, Quebec, Canada, Montreal, and other horizons. Using art as a form of research itself. Engaged in a research-creation practice.

The human thought process escapes, forever elusive. It can be understood as rhizomes between roots and tubers, as described by Deleuze and Guattari. I often cast the structure of transient thoughts that travels my mind with the intention of ceasing meaning, elaborating language, dialogue, conversation, and words through imagery. I work in a spontaneous and automatic way to resolve multiple problems within creation using different media that reveal themselves as the right tools in the process. Sewing, embroidery, weaving; small and large ceramics share the space. They embroider the soul of messages that have for purpose to question the world, identity, human, vegetal, and animal experiences, as well as evolution and lived-change in all its forms and valences.

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